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Who is the page for?

Do you want to be a tattoo artist, but you don’t know where and who you can learn from?

Even from home...

This website was created to collect, line up, introduce and present all the materials, tools, techniques and processes needed for making tattoos, the knowledge and use of which is essential and absolutely necessary for a good tattoo artist. The online tattoo course starts from the beginning, yet it’s not just for beginners. It can also help a lot for those who are already into tattoo making and intend to reach a higher level by improving their technique.


Theoretical tutorial

The Theoretical Educational Material is the first and defining part of our online tattoo course. With about 200 pages and nearly 1000 images and video illustrations, it presents all the knowledge and experience Boris has gained and documented during his 28-year tattooing career. It starts with the basics - making it also understandable to beginners - and gradually introduces you to the depths of tattooing through chapters based and built on each other that can be interesting to even advanced tattoo artists.


Practice videos

This is the practical part of the online tattoo course. In this section, we present the whole process and techniques of tattooing step by step through 12 videos of B'N'G and colour tattoos made by Boris. You can see, in practice, the properapplication of the tools, materials and techniques described in the theoretical part, as well as the correct use of the liner, shader and magnum needles. You can learn the tricks of black and grey shading, and filling up with colours.



The Exercises section is a collection of 70-page drawing practice that has to be completed from the first day of the online course. The aim of the tasks is to strengthen the nervous system connections between the eyes, the brain and the hands, thus creating the precise and delicate hand movements necessary for tattooing and raising them to a skill level.


Who is Boris?

The quality of the site is guaranteed by the person who created the website: Boris.

His outstanding talent and love of tattooing made him an internationally renowned tattoo artist from an early age. He tried himself in a variety of styles at that time, before finding his own one. He was one of the pioneers of realistic tattooing back in the 90s, when it was even rejected by the profession because it was considered impractical. However, the technique he used proved him over time, so realism has now become accepted and technically one of the most difficult trends in tattooing.


About the Subscription

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