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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, it is even for beginners. It starts teaching tattoo techniques from the basics and gets to the advanced level at the end of the course.
Yes, it is for experienced tattoo artists, as well. Thanks to Boris’s outstanding talentand 30 years of work, he has accumulated knowledge that also provides experienced tattooists with a lot of new and useful information.
And, the videos show up close how he applies this knowledge in practice.
No, it doesn’t. The course doesn’t teach drawing but tattooing. It teaches the making of compositions based on the anatomy of the body, the techniques, materials and tools of tattooing, and the use of those tools. The drawing tasks in the course don’t develop the drawing skills but the dexterity needed for tattooing. They have been made up to strengthen the nervous system connection between the eye, the brain and the hand by preparing them regularly (on a daily basis), thus to improve the fine motor skills of the hand.
Registration is required to subscribe. Once this is done, select the course, package or video you are interested in and click on the "Subscribe" button to start the purchase.
You can make payment on the site by PayPal or bank card.
The movies are divided into half-hour sections, and since they’re without sound, subscribers can listen to the music that best suits their taste. Certainly, the videos come with explanatory texts that have been placed before the sections. This is more beneficial than subtitling because you don’t have to split your attention between the film and the text, and it’s more useful than subtitling because the information seen - the video - is recorded seven times, while the information read - the text - is recorded seventeen times better in memory than the one heard.