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Who is Boris?

The quality of the site is guaranteed by the person who created the website: Boris.

His outstanding talent and love of tattooing made him an internationally renowned tattoo artist from an early age. He tried himself in a variety of styles at that time, before finding his own one. He was one of the pioneers of realistic tattooing back in the 90s, when it was even rejected by the profession because it was considered impractical. However, the technique he used proved him over time, so realism has now become accepted and technically one of the most difficult trends in tattooing.

Boris is still active these days, and he is one of the few who was declared a contemporary artist by the Museum of Modern Art in Rome (MACRO) in November 2018 for his performance in tattooing.

Art award

He maintains close contact with the members of the tattoo material- and tool-producing industry, thanks to which the market-leading ink manufactory, Intenzehas been distributing, under his name, the collection of paint produced by himfor a decade, and has played a significant role in popularizing the modern tattoo reformer needle module system.


He saw the future of tattooing as an art form,and the path of its development in sharing knowledge already in the 90s. Hegained the necessary experience by teaching students in his body art shop, with which he participated as a speaker at the first international seminar series, the World Wide Tattoo Conference in Rome, Chicago and London.

Magazine Appearances

This was followed by a long series of seminars and workshops, after which he began to hold his own performances in his shop in Vienna, which were distributed on film and enjoyed great popularity in previous years.
He felt that these few-day seminars and workshops, due to their shortness, delivered only a narrowslice of his experience to the audience.


This was when the idea of creating a complete and comprehensive content was born, and this is how this site was created in 1.5 years, with the help of the knowledge accumulated and documented in the previous 26 years.