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Practice videos

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Multi-hour instructional videos from the first moment of the process to the last

This is the practical part of the online tattoo course. In this section, we present the whole process and techniques of tattooing step by step through 12 videos of B'N'G and colour tattoos made by Boris. You can see, in practice, the properapplication of the tools, materials and techniques described in the theoretical part, as well as the correct use of the liner, shader and magnum needles. You can learn the tricks of black and grey shading, and filling up with colours.

The videos were taken in real time, in HD quality and with a CPL lens, which removed light reflections from the wet surface of the tattoo, making the view more enjoyable. You can see the tattoo-in-progress and the colour palette in split view at the same time, making it easy to understand how to mix inks and choose the needles to be used.

The films are divided into half-hour sections, without sound on, so all subscribers can listen to the music that best suits their taste. Of course, the videos also include explanatory texts placed before each section. This is more beneficial than subtitling because in this way you don’t have to split your attention between the film and the text; and also more useful than narration because the information seen - the video - is recorded seven times and the information read - the text - is recorded seventeen times better in memory than the one heard.

The videos in the practice section and the corresponding explanations are for both beginner and advanced tattoo artists. All videos can be viewed by subscribing to Complete Course and Practical Course - at a discounted price; however, they are also available on the website at full price, as separate tattoo lessons one at a time.

How can I watch the tutorial videos?

To watch the videos, you need to register and subscribe to a package, then all you have to do is log in and watch the material here.